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The Water Soul-Why Boating Shirts?

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We are often asked, "why do you create boating shirts?"  Our answer is always the same, "We are water enthusiasts and couldn't find cool boating shirts so we started The Water Soul."  We are a small family owned business that filled our own need for cool boating shirts.

The Men's brand of boating shirts is called, NautiGuy.  It has some colorful sayings and focuses on boating shirts. This brand doesn't take itself too seriously. A lot of boaters have fun personalities and a great sense of humor and we wanted to capture that with our sayings on our NautiGuy boating shirts. NautiGuy wants to be known for funny boating t-shirts that have a cool vibe and invites conversation from other boaters.

When we were naming the women's brand, we wanted it to be more than just boaters. Women love being on or near the water so we wanted a more general brand that didn't only market to boaters. A lot of women we know might not be a boater, but love hanging out by the pool or the ocean.  I also know a lot of women that don't even swim but love just being by the water since it is so relaxing to look at the water.  We would have named, 'NautiGuy,' WaterBoy for the same reason but it just didn't have the same ring to it.  WaterGirl has cool, nautical theme tank top shirts.  We use a lot of anchors on our tank tops.  We have a lot of boating tank top shirts and shirts that are for boaters as well.